Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sushi Kotobuki

We were on our way to Balmoral and thought it was perfect opportunity to stop by at Kotobuki for lunch having read many good reviews on this little sushi cafe. It really is a tiny outlet with several 2-seater tables within the confines of the cafe space and a couple more on the outside. All the tables were occupied when we arrived, it was seriously busy with dozens of take-away patrons too and so we lingered for a while for the next available table. There is a glass cabinet of ready-made sushi rolls, which is convenient for on the go.

Our orders were:
Wakame salad

Chicken Teriyaki Cabbage & Mayo Uramaki

Fresh Tekka (tuna) Hosomaki

Spider Roll
The highlight of the meal was easily the Spider Roll which was one of Kotobuki's fusion roll choices. It consisted of soft shell crab, crab meat, cucumber, topped with fish roe and a spicy mayo sauce. The fish roe had a good "crunch" to it, the crab meat had textures of a lobster salad ship to be and perhaps what made the mayo spicy was the curry-ness to it.

The tuna mini rolls were indeed fresh though they were served warm-like . We like that our sushi is made to order as there is still the 'crunch' to the nori (seaweed) sheets and that the raw fish is still 'cool' in temperature. Unfortunately, the latter was the issue here.

Chicken Karaage Curry Udon

The udon had a mild curry 'soup' that was slightly thinner in consistency as opposed to the more viscous version at Edamame. This was a pleasant curry with a somewhat sweet undertone. The karage chicken was a bit on the hard side but is well seasoned.  Donburis come in a choice of regular and large, the regular is a fairly small serve though but would be an ideal size if you feel like ordering some sushi to complete your meal :P. 

Service is pretty much non-existent here but it is truly a no-frills place. You queue and place your order at the counter and then be prepared for quite a wait especially when it is busy. We were lucky to have had a bottle of chilled water brought to us. We would return primarily for their fusion rolls.  The rolls are abundant, creative and are priced reasonably.  Do note that the sushi rice here is a little under al-dente, so if you do not like your rice to be somewhat 'hard' then better stick to their cooked donburis & noodles. 

Shop 3, 53 Lytton rd
East Brisbane
Opens tuesday to friday 10am to 9pm
           saturday 11am to 9pm
           sunday 12am to 9pm

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