Friday, March 25, 2011

Phuong Trinh

Just a quick lunch at one of our frequented Vietnamese restaurants in Inala- Phuong Trinh. Unfortunately, both of us picked dishes that we don't usually order but have tried a good couple of times, and they have turned out rather unsatisfactory on this visit.


Mr food hunter had the Bo Kho (a type of vietnamese beef curry) with egg noodles. Traditionally the thickened beef curry sauce consists of a nice blend of spices with a touch of sweetness, which makes it easier to eat than say a hot indian curry.  Sadly, today's offering was overtly sweet with only a faint amount of spices.  It really shows in the sauce which should be rightly coloured red.  Very disappointing because I know they can do better here.    

This is probably Miss food hunter's 2nd order of Bun Bo Hue (Spicy Beef Noodle Soup) from Phuong Trinh and the 1st was when they opened a couple of years back. Personally, the soup base was nothing like what a bun bo hue should taste like. It was rather similar to one of those korean instant noodle soup packs! The thick rice noodles were overcooked. I was rather disappointed for not receiving the original spicy soup broth but a douse of fresh chillies helped somewhat.
Missing that reddish oil??

The dishes that we can safely attest to are the Com dac biet (tri colour broken rice), crispy chicken rice, beef Pho is not bad and the seafood egg noodle soup is typically good with chockful of fresh ingredients. Oh yes and they have this soybean curd with tropical fruit cocktail that doubles up as a drink and dessert which is our fave!  A word of warning to hardcore soy fans this is not like a chinese soy dessert.  Instead, it has a texture more like a pudding but combined with syrup which is really unique. Fresh 100% sugarcane juice is available at their adjacent drink stall too (available only during warm seasons) !

Phuong Trinh Vietnames & Chinese Restaurant
Shop 4 156 Corsair avenue
Inala Civic Centre
Opens daily

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