Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lure on Latrobe

We are big fans of the breakfast at Lure and today, despite the warmth of the weather, we looked past having to sit alfresco in this lil' converted rustic QLD-er and settled quite comfortably under the shades for a forseeable satisfying lunch. Indeed, we went away pleased with our decision!

Aside from the menu, there is a blackboard specials menu comprising four gourmet salad types and a quiche of beetroot marmalade with goats curd. Miss food hunter was wooed by the description of the salad specials and the look of the colourful salads sitting in the display. But first, an Affogato to appease Miss food hunter's coffee fix.

Nicely pulled Genovese espresso with a big scoop of sweet vanilla ice-cream

Bright & Cheery salad

The 1st choice salad of Roasted root vegetables with Danish Fetta and Sun-dried Tomatoes was just outstanding! Who would have thought roasted vegetables could taste this wondrous? The amalgamation of the perfectly softened sweet pumpkin and sweet potatoes with the coating of poppy seeds and creamy, lightly salty fetta alone, were just a delight! The plump semi-juicy/dried sweet tomatoes and peppery-ness of the water cress brought the salad up to top notch for me! The 2nd choice salad of Grilled Salmon with Garden salad was good but not wow. The salmon was just a tad dry, though generous in chunks and majority of the salad leaves (rocket & mizuna maybe?) were far too wilted from the oily dressing. It would have been better if this salad in particular was prepared fresh to order. There were also slivers of carrot, red capsicum, celery and purple onions to complete the salad.

The Steak Sandwich comes served with handcut chips and aioli. The quality of the ingredients really shows, with the eye fillet being oh so tender even though it was a little more cooked than I liked, fresh salad leaves and sweet caramelized onions served on aritsan bread.  Sadly some disapointment with the chips as some were cut a little too thin and a touch too much sea salt.  Thank goodness the mustard seed aioli was outstanding and made for an interesting dip.

Other lunch options include a rustic beef pie, chicken & mushroom quiche, vegie pattie burger, pork sandwiches etc. and all home-made. The menu is way more appealing than how we've just described it. Consistent quality food & organic coffee served by a team of friendly, energetic waitstaff all in a relaxed idyllic setting...what more could we ask for? Oh oh oh and wait...Lure is open for DINNER too!

Lure on Latrobe
24 Latrobe Terrace
Opens: tuesday to wednesday & saturdaty 7am to 3pm
            thursday & friday 7am to 9pm
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  1. No offence intended but I've made the following observations;
    The title of your blog should not be foodhunters but more like foodsnobs.
    You come across as quite smug and annoying as a faux foodcritic.
    I have the suspicion that the two of you go out and eat in various restaurants and pubs so often is because you don't have the faintest about cooking.
    You have a weird obsession with food.
    You eat your way through Brisbane like there's no tomorrow.
    I doubt there are any eateries left in Brissie you two hungry locusts left untouched.
    You make the food you eat sound better than it actually is, so i wonder whether you are paid by these various eateries to advertise their whereabouts and services.
    I wonder whether you will delete my little response to your blog, so nobody can see it, as if it never happened.

  2. Hi Adrian thanks for giving us your feedback and any comment is appreciated and we shall face it even it is a negative one. First and foremost, you may not have intentions of offending us but you have indeed saddened us with your harsh comments. Perhaps, it is our choice of words and expressions that might have triggered you to think we are smug but it is certainly not the way we intended, as we do love & appreciate every meal & every bite we take and we just like to express in finer details that way. We do not try hard to comb through the entire Brisbane but our lifestyle is such that we eat out once almost everyday i.e. mostly lunch, which means we do cook for dinner. We did wonder whether we should blog about the food we cook but we have come to the decision not to. We don't deny our obsession with food and we even take photos of our better meals cooked at home though we don't blog about it. We have been reading many other food blogs for a long time now and after much hesitation, we have decided to document it and share with others who have the same interests. We are certainly not paid to do this. We take this blog like a passionate hobby and as a means of funnelling out the stresses in life. Food can be rather therapeutic for us at least. This blog is written based on our personal experiences and our preferences, we don't write everything negative as positive. Ultimately, we leave it to the readers' discretion. We return a response to your comment hoping that you understand us better.

  3. Hello food hunters , I would like to thank you both for introducing myself and my family as well to the very vast and diverse eateries of Brisbane. We have found your blogs helpful and informative to those who are just used to eating the local fare of takeaway fish and chips and fast food such as Mc Donalds , Hungry Jacks , Pizza Hut . Both of you seem to really enjoy the varieties of different cuisines and are fair in your descriptions of the meals that are served to you on the day . Any way thanks for the blog

  4. Dear food hunters, do cheer up and don’t get disheartened! I partially understand the ground where Adrian questioned about you two as the paid food bloggers. For people who are passionate about food, wine, coffee etc, learning about and seeking for the quality of products that meets individual preferences are dear. Eating out is rather common in the metropolitan cities, especially Sydney and Melbourne, as part of their social or busy lifestyles --- May not be applicable for those families who are striving hard to raise their children but…Enjoy reading the overview of your eating out experiences…Continue your merry food explorations around Brisbane!

  5. Hi Adrian, please go get a life if you have such a problem with their personal opinions dont read them. Or is the problem that you in fact have no life or no friends to go out and eat with, that you need to post blogs at 2am home alone.
    Dear sir please get some friends or a life..because it looks like your in desperate need for both.