Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Moray Cafe

Usually when we head to Moray street, it is Little Larder that we visit. This time around we decided that we ought to try out the neighbouring Moray Cafe. It was a warm afternoon and so we opted to sit indoors right under the A/C ha! There is plenty of seating alfresco and all under a leafy tree!

Having read Moray's menu on their website, i was expecting to see a display of fresh sandwiches, gourmet salads and so forth but there only three types of cakes sitting rather sadly in an otherwise empty glass cabinet.

In anycase, the menu alone was tempting enough and this helped push Miss food hunter to order outside the sandwich box. Breakfast dishes are available till 3pm which is perfect and Miss food hunter ordered from there, the Sauteed Mushrooms in Seeded Mustard with Poached egg on Olive tapenade Sourdough toasts with a dressing of Macadamia mayonnaise.

Pic does not do this dish justice!

Initially, i ordered the sauteed mushrooms with spinach, goats curd on sourdough toasts and that was precisely what i had said to the waitress, in full! In the end, i had a rather different dish and we realised that one of us was given an outdated menu where there were a few changes. For some reason, the waitress must have heard one word ie. MUSHROOMS. Anyhow, i was satisfied with my dish of an assortment of mushrooms, not just of the button variety. They carried the flavours of the oil and seeded mustard v. nicely. The olive tapenade was unfortunately too salty but a little goes a long way with the grilled thick sourdough slices. I would have prefered to have this dish with some salad leaves, no need for too much but enough to cut the oiliness exuding from the shrooms and the salt from the tapenade. Good flavour combination overall!

The Moray burger on the menu sounded too good for Mr food hunter to pass up.  Wagyu beef pattie with blue cheese, onion jam and pancetta is such an irresistable combination.  Past times, I have been disappointed with cafes overcooking their patties, but Moray has nailed it perfectly.  The pattie was juicy and tasty and it was a nice surprise to find chopped gherkins mixed in too.  The blue cheese in the form of a sauce, really packed a punch and a superb addition in this burger.  My only critcism, I couldnt hold and eat this burger as i'd liked to. This mean burger was massive to get my mouth around it!

A refreshing frappe of Lychee and Lime! There was no cordial sweetness just a fresh blend of ice and fresh fruit!
Moray Cafe is set in an idyllic little corner which is tucked well away from the hustle & bustle of the nearby hot spots. There is a sense of serenity that lures customers in for a slow lunch and a good read, which we have observed quite a few do today. Moray serves food with a big love, our meals were well-cooked, presentation was meticulous, servings were generous and all at a decent price tag!

The Moray Cafe
Shop 1 158 Moray street
New Farm
Opens monday to sunday 6am to 5pm
           tuesday to saturday 5pm til late

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