Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ho Chia Food Bar

Just a short post on this really tiny eatery in Sunnybank Plaza. Miss food hunter loves the idea of "Economy Rice" well that is the term used at least in Singapore. The term is used to represent rice meals that offer good value, plenty of variety and what's more...you choose what you fancy to eat! There are quite a few of these places around the sunnybank, calamvale area and we think they are mostly Taiwanese in origins. There is one in particular that we frequent to and is yet again another smallish shop adjacent to Welcome Fresh Food Supermarket @ Shop 91.

Though Ho Chia has less variety on offer as compared to Fresh Food, there is hardly ever a disappointment with their homely creations. There are more than a dozen different meat and vegetable dishes on display and you can even order noodle soups or their in-house steamed pork/vegetable buns.

Mr food hunter's selection:

The infamous Taiwanese Crispy Chicken Fillet fresh from the wok! Not quite as 'seasoned' but delish alongside a sweet jappo-style vegetable curry, tomatoes & omelette and zucchini.

Miss food hunter's selection:

Stir-fried savoury cabbage, sweet tomatoes & omelette and chicken & zucchini.

Help yourself to complementary soup too! Sour du jour: Corn & whispy egg soup.

Choose your meal A, A+, B.... @ set price..Easy!
Ho Chia though small in size, is immensely popular with numerous patrons (regulars) even after a busy lunch hour. Get a take away bento box if you can't get a table or find the seatings too cramp! The 'motherly' lady who dishes up your selection does not skimp on serving size and so you are guaranteed a satisfying meal even in a plastic box!

One last thing, this is not your average Chinese buffet selection at a food court. There is no honey chicken puffs nor sweet & sour pork! ; )

Ho Chia Food Bar
Shop 85
Sunnybank Plaza
Cnr Mains road & McCullough street

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