Monday, February 28, 2011

Simon's Gourmet Gallery

Simon's gourmet gallery is both a deli market and cafe.  Located along busy Moggil road we have often driven past this place without noticing as its pretty inconspicous.  On a trip to Baskin Robbins, Miss food hunter took note of this smallish but well-stocked gourmet market and had to make a return to their attached cafe. So, there we were this very afternoon...

Mr food hunter's Chicken Burger was served open faced to display the creamy herbed sauce on the lemon and garlic marinated chicken pieces.  The combination worked beautifully and Mr food hunter could have enjoyed the two as a main with mash or something similar. Sadly, the chips were a little lackluster in taste, being under seasoned, but were at least whipped up fresh.

Ready-to-go fresh sandwiches seem really popular amongst the patrons and Miss food hunter couldn't resist a Roast beef sandwich with rocket, semi sun-dried tomatoes, tomato pesto and cheddar cheese. Good combo but the oil from the sun-dried tomatoes have seeped through the bread and so parts of the crumb were soggy.

Miss food hunter also had a side of a cold Curry Rice salad with apples, raisins, spring onions and what seemed like chestnuts or chickpeas. They were rich in mild curry spices and sweet from the fruits. The other was a pasta rocket salad with marinated bell peppers, artichokes, eggplants/shrooms and tangy capers. This was slightly plain tasting.


Also available is a small but appetizing selection of pies, quiches, savoury muffins etc in the display cabinet.  The sweets selection is decent with the usual suspects of muffins, carrot cake, slices and a cheese cake, but one in particular really caught Mr food hunter's eye as we were leaving and that was the chocolate pecan caramel flan, a very unusual concoction that warrants a return visit. 

For those feeling tired from work, drop by Simon's as there is a wide array of precooked meals and desserts that can be taken home.  The range quite honestly is mammoth varying from curries, fried rice to lasagnes, alfredo pasta, pies, quiches and much more. They do look fresh and delectable! All these on top of being a butcher and fruit & vegetable stop!

Simon's Gourmet Gallery
Shop 10 620 Moggill road
Chapel Hill

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