Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Chase the Rider

You know the feeling of sometimes wanting to start a day in a relaxed quiet surrounding, tucking into a light breakfast as opposed to indulging in a heavy one, while sipping your favourite cuppa?? There are countless number of little cafes that have sprung up in suburban areas, melding amongst residential houses and providing that needed little "pick me up" to the locals. The great thing is these cafes actually do take pride in making good coffee and Chase the Rider satisfies all that!

 Frothy Cappuccinos Due
Medium roast coffee by Pizza D'oro- Robust enough to kick start the day!

Mr food hunter had the Ham off the bone, mango relish, seeded potato salad & greens wholemeal sandwich. Dainty lil' triangle sandwiches- scrummy! Wholemeal bread was fresh from a bakery, having that just-baked crispy crust.

Thick Sourdough toasts with a special request of Tomato relish instead of jam for Miss food hunter. No complaints there for the very particular bread eater- quite on par with that of Banneton i.e. compact crumb. I keep having to remind myself that this is a simple cafe with unfussed food so put aside all that nit-picking!

Quite a selection of Muffins there....ohhhh the yoghurty ones are tempting!

Simple menu offerings ;)
Chase the Rider is close to home for us and we are sure of many more return visits!

Chase the Rider Espresso Bar
Cnr Arrabria & Currangindi street
JindaleeOpens Mondays to Fridays 630am to 2pm
          Saturday & sundays 730am to 2pm


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