Friday, February 25, 2011

Fundies Whole Foods Cafe

Mr food hunter felt like going vego for lunch today, which is extremely rare for him. Oh finally...Miss food hunter jumped happily at the opportunity and suggested to visit Fundamental Organics that has been long on her wishlist.

As we headed down a narrow stretch of tables, towards the menu board and display counter, both of us thought that the concept and food offerings looked pretty similar to that of Sassafras up the road @ LaTrobe Tce. At fundies, there is a strong focus on Organic & primarily a vegetarian menu, with the only meat-based meal in the form of Byron Gourmet Pies. The display cabinet presented some really mouth-watering, creative salads, vegetarian patties, rice balls, quiches, a blue cheese cauliflower bake, a very unusual polenta pizza and sweets. On this very day, there was on offer the Manhattan Cheesecake, Walnut & Date Puds, gluten-free Berry Friands, Milk Choc Marshmallow slice, Raw Vegan Choc Torte, Raspberry-licious fruit tart etc.
Miss food hunter ordered the salads plate of 1) Brocolini almonds spinach tamari dressing 2) Fundies special Slaw with yoghurt & tahini and 3) Corn, spinach, roasted red peppers in white balsamic. But of course, Miss food hunter would remember to have a side serve of Sourdough toasts. The salads were alright and I found the brocolini with the sweet almonds in tamari to be the tastiest.

Salad Plate

Really crunchy Organic Sourdough-just the way i like it!
Mr food hunter had the Byron Thai Chicken pie with a side of three salads i.e. a) Mustard Mushrooms capsicum olives parmesan b) Carrot cucumber pepitas coconut yoghurt & rose petals and also the c) Corn in white balsamic. Hmmm...the mustard parmesan mushrooms were Yum! As for the pie, Mr food hunter liked the short crust pastry, flavours of a thai curry and the chunks of chicken but, was let down by the texture of a mornay type-thick white sauce.

We also ordered a bowl of Chai Tea and a Blueberry, Raspberry & Mango Smoothie. The spiced Chai is really comparable to the one at Comfort at my Table. Nicely sweetened with some honey...a bowl of warming goodness! The smooothie was the real deal, plenty of berries, yoghurt and honey. Not sure where the mango was in this one though?? We just needed a little more ice to thin this very thick concoction down.
The gourmet burgers with either a chickpea or lentil patty seems to be a hit amongst the diners. We will return for just that, the presentation in itself looked tempting enough (Yes, we were prying on others' food!). After all these years, we are glad we finally made it to Fundies!

Fundies Organic Cafe
219 Given Terrace
Opens 7 days

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  1. Great post! Who knew vegetarian food could look and taste so good. It's also nice to see they have pies, but with the salad on the side, it would make it a slightly 'healthier' meal. haha!
    I think I will visit this place and try it out soon :)

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