Monday, February 21, 2011

Cru Bar + Cellar

Before the storms came through today, it was sweltering ~ 35 degrees C heat so we made quick decision on Cru Bar to relax, cool off, chill with some drinks and fill up on some nosh. Today, Miss food hunter finally made it out with Mr food hunter and his 2 brothers, the more the merrier!

Both Mr and Miss food hunter have patronized Cru several times now and each and every visit had been a splendid one! Today's experience fell short a little and that was due to a rather grumpy looking waitress. She was by no means rude. She carried out her duties well, making sure the water was topped and all, but you can't help but feel the slightest bit uneasy or offended when you are waited on by someone who didn't seem happy to provide service to you. We don't mean to be harsh, but we are living in a pragmatic world and in this day & age and in an establishment like this one, service comes full package i.e. with a smile...

Right, that was a mouthful as usual from Miss food hunter and on a lighter and brighter note....the drinks esp. the white wines by the glass were as always fresh & crisp. The Pinot Gris by Red Claw was delicately refreshing and the Pelorus Sparkling was lively with a dry finish.
L to R: Makers Mark, Chimay beer, Pelorus Sparkling & Rew Claw Pinot gris

We shared 2 plates as starters, one a Gorgonzola and the other a Trio of Risotto cakes. These were followed by our mains of Rocket & Smoked Mushrooms on Turkish for Miss food hunter, Atlantic Salmon for Mr food hunter, an Eye Fillet and lastly, Calamari from the share plate option.

Gorgonzola w quince paste, muscatels, lavosh & baguette
Wow! If only we had taken note of the italian label of this Gorgonzola. It had the characertistic pungency but not overpowering and it was nicely crumbly without being too buttery. The marriage of smelly cheese & sweet quince is just puuurrrrfect!

Risotto cakes w marmalade & rocket
The Risotto cakes had mushroom, pinenuts and parmesan in them. We couldn't quite detect the mushrooms and parmesan to be honest but they were nonetheless light, beautifully crisp and interesting to have with the marmalade.
Rocket & smoked mushrooms sandwich
Now, this sandwich looks to be more of a salad with side toasts doesn't it? There was plenty of rocket which Miss food hunter likes, a few sweet cherry tomatoes, tender artichokes- another fave, shaved parmesan and nicely grilled turkish. One main disappointment, there was only ONE smoked mushroom (which tasted real good) to be had...I believe it was the 2nd ingredient listed! As I am extremely particular about my bread, I have to point out that the turkish used is of the ordinary kind i.e. without the stretched gluten and open crumb.

Calamari w wasabi mayonnaise
The Calamari was in a light tempura batter, it was soft but a touch heavy handed on the salt.

Eye Fillet w tower of onion rings

Mr food hunter's younger brother ordered the Eye Fillet medium rare and his dish was perfect through and through! The fillet was extremely moist and tender and there was not a drop of sauce left on the plate!

Grilled Salmon on Skordalia
The main star which was the Atlantic Salmon was cooked perfectly pink, putting a smile on Mr food hunter's face! The avocado salsa worked surprisingly well with the skordalia of mashed potatoes while, the pool of lemon burre blanc though a great overall combination, was abit much but one needn't have to slurp it up all. The only letdown was the scallops which were nice and fresh but were really salty!

We would liked to have given better insight to the components of the Eye Fillet and Calamari but the menu on Cru's website has not been updated though, majority of the dishes can be found on their current menu. Despite, a lapse in service and a few issues here and there, we still love Cru Bar. We don't know of another place that has as extensive an alcoholic beverage menu as Cru. The quality of both food and wine is apparent, the presentation and execution of dishes are applaudable , the setting is quite lush and the ambience particularly at night is splendid, relaxed & 'chilled'! Weekend nights are usually packed right to the entrance so come prepared with a reservation.

Cru Bar + Cellar
1/ 22 James street
Fortitude Valley
Opens monday to friday 11am to late
           saturday & sunday 8am to late

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  1. Wow, fantastic!!! The sight of that eye fillet and grilled salmon is enough to make me weep :) Great review guys!