Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cream Patisserie Boulangerie

YaY! We scored yet another treat from Mr food hunter's elder brother. Yesterday, he took 4 little piggies out to town...haha not quite, but close enough to town for lunch. Mr and Miss food hunter last visited Cream a good few years back and we still remember the decadent Chocolate Dianne cake and the luscious fresh fruit tart we had. It is about time we checked ourselves in for an update!

There was not a sign of age on the wall paper, the interior remains pristine and minimally frenchy chic and the setting is still quaint and cosy. Upon entry, one is first greeted by a neat display of tempting sweet and savoury pastries, cakes and biscuits. Two small tables were joined quickly and arranged for by our lively waiter who very quickly brought out some ice cold water.

Coffee is my life-how Appropriate!

For drinks, Miss food hunter stuck to her coffee by Grinders. The Giancarlo blend is used at Cream and i would think that as it was a ristretto, the crema was not as 'present' as compared to the espresso?? Mr food hunter went for the Iced Coffee hoping to see a dollop of ice cream but it really is just an Iced Latte. An Iced Mocha and a frothy Belgian Milkshake were also on order. 

Old fashion Milkshake in tall stainless steel
Perusing the menu, we made rather quick decisions on what to have. Mr food hunter's brothers had each a Eye Fillet Steak Sandwich with Chips and so Mr food hunter decided to steer away from his default order and took to his alternative choice of a Spanish Chorizo Pizza. Miss food hunter had the Basil & Bocconcini Bruschetta and the little sis had an Earl Grey Custard Tart.

Steak sandwich w Mushroom sauce

Who doesn't like a cross-section shot? ;)
The Eye Fillet sandwich with thick toasts was packed with lettuce, tomato, onion chili jam, egg and bacon. There were plenty of beer battered chips served alongside and they were oh so crunchy, light, fluffy and seasoned well (all in agreement). A mushroom sauce and an aioli were the choice for chippy dunking!

The Bruschetta came with a good serve of vine-ripened tomatoes, basil leaves, stretchy bocconcini atop basil pesto baguette slices and drizzled with balsamic glaze and chive oil. The tomatoes were truly sweet and Cream's classic take on the italian bruschetta was simple and satisfying.

The Spanish Chorizo and Vine-ripened Tomato on a mozerella Pizza base was a very decent serve for one. The pizza base is truly made in-house, the gluten was well-stretched as evident by the good elasticity of the bread-like base- unique indeed! The rocket leaves provided a touch of freshness and the shaved parmesan was a good mix with the spicy chorizo.

The Earl Grey custard tart was surprisingly good! The lil sis had to dash off and the rest of us helped ourselves to her leftover  i.e. even before our mains arrived. Hee! The custard is not cloyingly sweet with quite a similarity to the portuguese sweet yet savoury egg tarts. Personally, it was well infused with Earl Grey though some may prefer a stronger tea flavour. In our experiences of eating all sorts of tart-based desserts, the common disappointment lies in the tart shell. Cream's always maintained perfectly cooked tart bases, not too hard nor too buttery and none of those mushy, doughy, uncooked ones! Oh, the macerated raisins we thought were rather sweet and thus, overpowering for the subtle tea custard.

The sweets looked tempting but none of us had the stomach for it after our mains.What a shame, we have to make an appointment for tea the next time!
The daily blackboard specials was hung outside, which we missed and for some reason not mentioned at the table. Nonetheless, we had a fantastic time with an all-round satisfying feed and a friendly bid of goodbye from our very lively waiter who only just wolfed down a fruit tart!

Shop 3 Cavendish Central
380 Cavendish road
Opens monday to thursday 8am to 6pm
           friday & saturday 7am to 10pm
           sunday 7am to 5pm

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  1. Great Blog. Have shared it on Twitter and will add it to my blog list :) Makes Brisbane sound tastier!

  2. Thanks Katy! Much appreciated! Yes we are striving for exactly that ;)