Saturday, February 12, 2011

Suunybank Oriental

Suunybank Oriental is where we go to when we hanker for some crusty bottom claypot rice. In Brisbane, we only know of 2 places that offer claypot rice on their menu, the other being Laksa Hut in Toowong. Service here is swift and you need not wait long for the claypot dishes to arrive.
Last night, we ordered the Chicken and Lap Cheong claypot rice and a set meal of Steamed Chicken in Lily Bulbs and Black Fungus with a bowl of rice and vegetable beef soup.

The rice is cooked in the clay pot first, with chicken, lap cheong and remaining ingredients topped on afterwards and cooked further. This is typical Guangzhou (cantonese) style where subtlety speaks and here, a separate dish of dark soy maybe used for added caramelized flavour. Miss food hunter felt that the chicken could have been marinated so that there is further infusion of flavours in the rice. The version here is comparatively lighter in tastes than the ones she had in Guangzhou but it ain't bad. Broken rice was used i.e. rice fractured resulting in both long and short grains, imparts a different texture to the usual short grain rice. The claypot is served extremely hot to help form a beautiful crispy layer of charred rice, similar to what you get in a paella but be careful or you will get burned! If diet is not a concern, I recommend the fatty pork version, it's full of flavour and very tender.

Miss food hunter enjoyed her simple dish of Steamed Chicken and Lily Bulbs. This dish reminded her of home really. To some, there may not be enough meat in those chopped up bits of chicken...chicken skin lovers would appreciate this though. The chicken was steamed in a typical concoction of chinese wine, oyster sauce and spring onions and all the better with Mr food hunter's crusty rice. Yay!

Indeed, some of the dishes offered here tend to have a lighter touch but are by no means bland and are perfect for those who have milder taste palates esp. with the older crowd. For those who prefer stronger flavours, do seek recommendations from the "experienced" waitstaff, their menu is really extensive. Check out their breakfast sets too!

Suunybank Oriental
Shop 68 Mains road
Sunnybank Plaza

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