Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Chelsea Bistro

Off to The Barracks today for a simple speedy lunch and we were once again lured back to The Chelsea. The last time we visited, this dining precinct only recently opened and we were there for dinner with friends. Unfortunately, we were placed to sit outdoors again and yes i did overhear a few lunch bookings. We would have loved to sit indoors in the elegant saloon like time remember to make a reservation!

We started with an Asahi dry and a Redbank sparkling. There is a decent selection of wines and this is where they "double-up" as a wine bar alongside a menu of small nibbles/plates.

What great love for turkey and cranberry sandwiches maybe to Miss food hunter is exactly what steak sandwiches are to Mr food hunter. So bingo...a Steak sandwich for him and a Bruschetta for her was on the order. The salad of endive, nectarine, jamon iberico and buffalo ricotta sounded equally tempting!

The steak sandwich consisted of flat mushrooms topped with melted blue cheese, rocket, steak and grilled onions. It was an OK sandwich.  The meat cut was a piece of round steak which is not one of my favourites as it can be a little flavourless and fibrous.  I like the idea of blue cheese on steak but in this combination, it felt overwhelming and monotoned, which simply didn't work for me. What it really needed was a slice of tomato or some relish to give it a bit of acidity.  Sorry if I appear too critical but I DO love a good steak sandwich!

The Bruschetta of fig, stilton, rocket and aged balsamic had an overall clean simple flavour. Personally, the combination is a classic winner. I am not a big eater to start and lately, i am served portions that are pretty small. I love Levain bread and wished that i had slightly thicker slices in the bruschetta. I literally had 2 small slices, one of which was absolutely thin. I swopped one for Mr food hunters top sandwich slice so the meal could be somewhat satisfying. Perhaps also, another half a fig more and non-yellow leaves??

Our feelings are somewhat mixed about The Chelsea. The menu looks exciting, service prompt and attentive but unlike the first visit, this time we left a little less impressed.

The Chelsea Bistro
61 Petrie Terrace
The Barracks
Opens daily

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  1. try cirque for a good steak sandwich, i think they use blue cheese too but the onion relish is the bomb.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. It was more than a year ago when we last visited Au Cirque and it was Mr food hunter's brother that had the steak sandwich. Gotta give it a go!