Friday, February 25, 2011

Shanghai Noodle House

Shanghai Noodle House serves up reasonably priced rice set dishes for around $10. This includes 2 daily vegetable dishes and for a few extra dollars you get to build your own small cold platter of up to 3 types of cold dishes. This was exactly what Mr food hunter went for.

Mr food hunter ordered the Shanghai Pork Belly which was named precisely as Dong Po Pork in Chinese characters on the menu. He chose cold sides of sliced Roast Beef, Pig Intestines and Pickled Chilli Wombok. The braised pork belly arrived as 2 big tender slabs on the plate with daily vegetables of a potato & long bean stir fry and the other a sweet & tangy tomato & egg. All this for only $11.80! 

Small cold platter

Roast Beef noodle for only $8!!

Miss food hunter ordered the famous Shanghainese Roast Beef Noodle. Having eaten the streets of Shanghai many times before, Shanghai Noodle House's was surprsingly not quite the authentic version. I was more expecting slices of roast beef similar to the ones on the cold platter and in a dark savoury spring onion like broth. However, what i had was a clear salty soup base that is partially infused with the juices/gravy of the stewed beef brisket. Overall, it was not a bad dish, it was different but not quite what was hoped for. Again, the servings were huge, there was plenty of thick chunks of brisket, heaps of noodles which i swopped for the egg ones (traditionally thick white wheat noodles) to satisfy even a big man's appetitie!

Shanghai Noodle House is also good for their stir-fried rice cake with pork shreds and vegetables as well as their 'snacks' such as the meat dumplings/pot stickers, pan-fried buns and their chive pancakes. The dishes we found today were unusually salty but it is not typically the case. Ahhhh.....comfort homey food in simple surrounds is sometimes the best!

Shanghai Noodle House
Shop 13 341 Mains road
Sunnybank Market Square
Closed Tuesday

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