Saturday, February 19, 2011

Hog's Breath Cafe

A surprise visit from Mr food hunter's younger brother became an impromptu excuse to go out and have a MAN'S meal of steak with the brothers.  Brisbane is really spoilt for choice when it comes to steak places and everyone of them claims to be the best.  Mr food hunter's happy experiences with steak houses first began at Hog's Breath Milton and I will admit it has been a good many years since last visiting.  A good oppurtunity then to revisit and see if Hog's breath has kept their standards.

We decided to try the franchise in Indooroopilly for ease of parking.  The decor at Hog's Breath can be described as quirky with lots of funny knick knacks dotting the walls, bringing a sense of fun to the atmosphere.  It seems to me the menu has expanded quite a bit, now with even more combinations and made deciding quite a long affair.  I would recommend a look over their website menu to get an idea of what i mean.  Prime Rib being the star at Hog's Breath, we the settled on the Calamari Prime Rib, Byron Bay Chilli Prime Rib and the Serious Steak Burger.  As well as that we ordered the Finger Food Combo starter to share. 

The starter came with chicken tenders, vegetable spring rolls, salt and pepper dusted calamari and three different types of potato skins (Chilli con carne, tomato and basil salsa and crispy bacon with cheese).  The chicken tenders and vegetable spring rolls were a bit boring reminding me of something I might get at the local takeaway.  Salt and pepper dusted calamari were a favourite with the boys and great with the dipping sauces (honey mustard and honey sweet chilli).  The potato skins polarised us though each having our own preference on which topping was best.  All of the potatoes were cooked nicely and is something a little more different on the plate.

Traditional cut (300 grams)

The Prime Rib is supposedly slow cooked for 18 hours to ensure tenderness and then seared on a char grill to your liking.  The effort involved shows and both of our prime ribs were deliciously moist and tender.  Steaks come with a choice of sides ranging from salad to vegies and quirky hog tail fries.  There is also a choice of mushroom, diane and pepper gravy which didnt seem very spectacular to me as my mushroom gravy (looks like tartar sauce!) was underseasoned.  I loved the byron bay chilli sauce with the steak which gave it a great flavour kick, a word of warning though this sauce is pretty hot for the uninitiated so beware.

The thick MEGA cut is 400grams of goodness.

The Serious Steak burger was seriously huge and came with two succulent pieces of steak (not prime rib), salad, cheese, caramilised onions and that delicious byron bay sauce all on a soft damper roll.  The hog tail fries are great fun to look at but the taste of the potato is of the waxy variety and seasoned with plain salt which wasn't to my liking (but of course i picked at everyone else's).

Immediately, when we think of Hog's Breath, steak comes to mind but really the menu covers more than just that. Though the menu does a sole type cut of their famous Prime Rib, it is fun and extensive and absolutely catered for the kids. This is a steak house with a difference as it is actually very family orientated. To say their portions are HUGE, is an understatement by now...even the big boys are struggling to clean their plates!

Hog's Breath Cafe
104 Coonan street
Opens monday to thursday 1130am to 230pm & 5pm to late
           friday to sunday 1130am to late


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    the steak on the serious steak burger IS prime rib... just sliced thinly so it only comes in one type; well done