Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mundo Churrasco

Miss food hunter had to attend a conference and too bad for her today's lunch she will be m.i.a. But beforehand, she made a recommendation for the carnivorous i.e. yours truly and my brother to Mundo Churrasco. Having heard about what makes a typical Brazillian BBQ, we thought well well....this was going to be a unique dining experience!

The place is quite large and can easily accomodate 50+ people.  Our waitress was quite friendly and explained how the restaurant is run and recommended that the churrasco lunch would be the best (and most popular) option for first timers there.  The churrasco lunch is a buffet style option where the meats are brought out to you along with the accompaniments.  It's nice to see a decent wine menu with plenty of by the glass options along with a few beer choices too.

Skol a brazilian beer for my brother and a nice frosty Carona for Mr food hunter!

The meat is brought to you on giant swords/skewers and cut at your table.  The red meat options are cooked to varying degrees on the sword so you can chooose whether you prefer a piece rare or more well done.  Having a giant sword of meat at your table is really what sets brazilian food apart as it is simply a fun sight!
Mmmmm I like it rare!
To be honest, I didn't really like the fact that the meats are not marinated or rubbed in any spices other than salt and pepper.  According to our waitress its the special red gum charcoal that the meats are cooked over which makes it special as its meant to give a more earthy taste.  We couldn't detect any more earthy taste over using normal charcoal, but it still tasted good to us.  It was tender, juicy and full of flavour. The chicken on the other hand, was dry and overcooked.

The sausages I didn't enjoy, the linguica (mixed pork and beef) tasted a bit like liver and is quite strong in paprika.  The chicken sausage was quite ordinary.

You get a large spread of accompainiments which complemented all the different meats and sausages, some of which are quite interesting...

I loved the cheese bread and this was a different interpretation from what we are usually used to.  The bread interior is in some way mixed with cheese which contributed to its chewiness and the hard outer skin adds to its uniqueness.

This one is cassava root.  It tasted somewhat similar to semolina and according to our waiter, it is eaten with things that are 'juicy' meaning you can mix it with the juices from the moist meats or with salads.  We also found it nice mixed with rice!

On the whole, the Mundo experience was quite unique, very enjoyable and a must try at least once! Dinner times can get quite busy and especially hectic over weekend nights  (the meats do run out!) so if you are looking for a calmer dining experience, guaranteed variety of meats and more attentive service, lunch is recommended. Do note that the dinner menu has added meat options.

Mundo Churrasco
63 MacGregor Terrace
Opens mondays to sundays
           Lunch 12 to 230pm
           Dinner 530 to 930pm

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