Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sushi Rail

Mr food hunter was looking for something a little lighter to eat for lunch, having had quite heavy meals lately, so Miss food hunter decided to try a new sushi conveyor at Salisbury. We do love our sashimi but to be honest, we did not come with high expectations in an industrial area like this. However, we thought it is new and why not give it a chance...

Sushi Rail has been around for a year already. The restaurant is rather narrow with 20 odd booth seatings and a couple of separate table seatings. It was quite busy for a saturday afternoon and either there is a staffing problem or service is simply slow, we were left standing at the door for quite a while before deciding to just seat ourselves. Soon after, the waitress finally took notice of us, wiped down the table and asked for any drink orders. For sashimi lovers, do not expect to see variety here but you can get the usual salmon, tuna, scallop and squid. The menu is good enough to please the majority in a surburban area, the restaurant caters mainly to the locals and the industries around.

Hotate (scallop) nigiri- Plump & Fresh

Kanpyo (sweet gourd) Maki

Seaweed ship & crumbed Prawn roll

California roll

Kani (crab) croquettes Yum!

Aburi Salmon nigiri

Maguro (tuna) nigiri

Some of the issues we had were, the rice were not vinegared, the made to order scallop and tuna nigiris were slightly warm, there was hardly a prawn to be eaten in the crumbed prawn & avocado roll (picked a bad plate?). There were some inconsistencies amongst plates with the same item. Also, the Aburi Salmon came with a sauce that was far too sweet. On the plus side, the rice was cooked well (absolutely detest soggy sushi rice), the seafood is fresh and the croquettes were a creamy delight.

Sushi Rail like the rest of the next door units i.e. Urban Burger and Zarraffa's Coffee are a great addition to the area. For sushi conveyor lovers, who are not that fussed about raw seafood or having their rice vinegared and would like to try something other than Sushi Train, this could be the next convenient choice.

Sushi Rail
Shop 6 660 Tooheys road
Opens mondays to sundays 1030am to 9pm

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  1. We used to live in Salisbury, and Sushi by Rail was our go to at least once every 2 weeks, mostly because of proximity.. sometimes we ventured out to Market square for Sushi Train though :P

    We have had mixed experiences in the 15+ times we have dined there.. at one point on a Saturday night they spent 25 minutes making sushi for orders and the train was almost empty this entire time!! Overall we enjoyed their sushi rolls though, they knew our orders and always brought them out to us promptly.

  2. For great sashimi and sushi, I truly recommend Ajimi Sushi Bar in City (540 Queen Street) or Sakura Japanese (Shop 8, 957 Beenleigh Rd, Runcorn). *2 thumbs up*

  3. Hey eye candy carousel, yeah we think that Sushi Rail is pretty much for the locals to go to and many of the customers that came through exchanged friendly greetings with this one particular guy who works the back open kitchen. I am appalled by your experience really but at least you had the occasional VIP treatment? ;) If you happen to be in the Northside, do give Sushi Train @Carseldine a go! It is not as expensive as Hanaichi Wintergarden and better than Sushi Train @Market Square.

  4. Riini thanks for your recommendation. Ajimi has been on my wishlist for sometime now. We went there one weekend noon and unfortunately they were closed. Now we are just eager for our first visit!

  5. We were pretty astounded that night as well!!

    Appreciate the recommendation for ST at Carseline, if we are ever in the area I will remember that one.

    We live in the CBD now, and I am interested to try Ajimi Sushi Bar too!!

  6. Try to get a seat at the sushi bar too. Leon (the chef)is very talkative, entertaining and educative too. :)

    I saw the boat of sashimi (on another table) at Sono last time I dined there. It looked pretty awesome too. :D