Wednesday, February 9, 2011


We have not ventured into Rosalie since the floods but we thought to write a short post as old photos of food do bring back fond eating memories ;) We were truly reminiscing the great flavours and presentations of food churned out at Flute and the energetic service provided. Still clear in our heads, it was a very busy saturday morning when we visited Flute and it was right after shopping at Baroona road's first ever farmers market.

And so onto our meals, we ordered the Mushrooms on Toast with roasted garlic, thyme and port reduction, poached eggs and crusty toast and the Savoury French Toast with salt & pepper grape tomatoes, bulgarian sheeps milk fetta and honeyed bacon. 

The servings were huge and were towering high! The mushrooms came with sourdough toasts and were pan-fried in a style that was somewhat more asian in taste due to generous amounts of chopped spring onions. The wine reduction was still prominent nonetheless and oh..the poached eggs reminded me of UFO saucers!

There was freshness on this plate of savoury french toasts provided by the plump sweet grape tomatoes. Instead of thick white toasts, ciabatta was used which is a welcoming alternative. Bacon and honeyed- a perfect canadian classic, was thick and plentiful. Though it may not be cooked till crisp, it was still very enjoyable! The buglarian fetta which wasn't the typical overly salty kind, complemented the dish very well in terms of flavour and texture.

Roaslie houses quite a number of good cafes and restaurants and this is perhaps the best time to do a little more re-visiting!

Shop 3 155 Baroona road

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